Our 2017

We don’t want to induce envy as we’re all more similar than we think and deal with our own hardships behind the scenes, but each year we like to look back visually through our images and be grateful for the good times.

Here is a peek at some of our highlights of 2017, what a year it was! Starting in snowy Canada and looking after the best dog we’ve ever met and miss every day, driving around breathtaking British Columbia in our 1969 VW van and meeting more friendly Canadians than you can shake a hockey stick at! (more…)

We met Mark and Vera in San Francisco

We were in San Francisco by the Golden Gate bridge, being tourists taking photos of each other when Michael noticed a couple in wedding outfits. It was just the two of them taking a selfie with a phone. He couldn’t help but approach and offer to take some photos for them. It turns out they got married only moments earlier, just the two of them in the City Hall. They had their photos taken there but wanted to come to Vera’s favourite place, Golden Gate bridge, afterwards. Mark and Vera we are so glad you did! It was such a pleasure meeting you, thank you for being so open and comfortable in our presence just minutes after meeting for the first time. It left us giggling and in a great mood for the rest of the day. Some things are just meant to be 🙂 (more…)


We packed up a small tent and without booking anywhere headed to Snowdonia National Park in north Wales. (more…)

Coffee round up – American / Canadian edition

It’s no secret we are coffee lovers and often structure our free days around coffee shop visits. So when we crossed the USA & Canada from coast to coast we looked for unique independent coffee shops to sample. (more…)

  • Robin

    We never did get a chance to meet. Unfortunate. I’ll keep an eye on your travels via instagram if I see your close coffee is on me!! ReplyCancel

    • Shame we didn’t! Hope you are both well and if we do somewhere bump into each other that would be great 🙂ReplyCancel